Descarca San Andreas:

1) Descarcam jocul de Aici 2) Dezarhivezi jocul cu WinRaR 3) Instalezi "Instaleaza SAMP de aici" 4) Dublu Click pe samp.exe si il ducem unde este folderul cu jocul. 5) Adaugam la favorite serverul ip:

joi, 22 ianuarie 2009

Download FEAR 2 Project Origin Demo

General Features

* Strategic environmental combat opportunities available to both you
and your enemies
* Slow time using your characters enhanced reflexes
* In your face close-quarter action in a variety of indoor and
outdoor environments
* Battle all-new enemies that employ advanced combat tactics
* Test your nerves and face your FEARS as you battle new characters
and unravel a terrifying mystery
* Utilize the world interaction enhancements to create instant
cover or remove obstacles
* Play with and against friends in multiplayer competition
* Enhanced graphics engine takes action horror to new heights through
enhanced visuals and effects
* Enemies behave realistically and use the environment against you
through vastly enhanced enemy Artificial Intelligence
* Maintains the authenticity of the Alma storyline and players will
know this is the only place to continue the saga

Download de Aici

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    insfarsit demoul.Thx man esti mare!!

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    da tare am e juca,dar joc numai ziua ca mi-e frica:(

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    multumesc de joc!imi era lene sa caut:).

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    da da asteptam fullu:)

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